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Niet Normaal · Difference on Display
Difference on Display approaches the question what is normal, and who decides, from a variety of angles. A push for perfection dictates life in contemporary Western society. Perfection has become the norm, beauty and happiness a prerogative and unhappiness a sign of personal failure. Yet in our complicity with this norm and our participation in such processes of homogenised honing, we may be depriving ourselves of the chance to actually live - an irony that has not been lost on many of today's artists. In Difference on Display, more than 90 international artists, including Marlene Dumas, Thomas Hirschhorn, Nathalie Djurberg, Liza May Post, Marc Quinn and Louise Bourgeois, show us different ways of seeing the world: shocking and humorous, harsh and touching.

In addition, a number of essays explores such diverse issues as the marked increase in known cases of ADHD, how to compete with cyborg athletes, the able-bodied and the disabled battling it out in science fiction films, and the use of technical aids by able-bodied people. The authors are authorities in their respective fields, including Donna Haraway, Tom Shakespeare, Amâde M'Charek, Trudy Dehue and Michel Callon.

Difference on Display inspires, excites, grips the imagination and gives cause for reflection.

Table of content:
Andrée van Es, chair of Niet Normaal
Ine Gevers, Normality on Prescription

Visual Artists
Full colour images of art works by all participating artists.

Perfectibility and perfection
Tom Shakespeare, Pass it On
Trudy Dehue, Neurobiological Perfection
Johnson Cheu, Under Threat of Disappearance

Norm and Difference as Commodities
Petra Kuppers, The Freak. A reclamation Project
Renu Addlahka, Selective Abortions in India
Amade M’charek, Biopower and the Regulation over Genes, Brains and Crime

Man and Intelligent Technology
Ivo van Hilvoorde/Laurens Landeweerd, Oscar Pistorius, towards a technolympics
Ingunn Moser, Making and Unmaking Differences
Donna Haraway, Able bodies and Companion Species

Practicing Democracy
Griet Roets/ Daniel Goodley, Travellers in Uncivilised Society
Patrick Devlieger, An Economic Niche in Transborder Commerce
Michel Callon, Disabled Persons of all Countries, Unite

Authors on the artists
Aishlinn Bruinja, Ine Gevers, Nancy Hoffmann, Nikkie Herberigs, Esther de Graaff, Meta Knol, Adi Martis, Laura Mudde, Ika Kamphoff, Petra Kuppers, Philip Peters, Robbert Roos, Miriam van Rijsingen, Jacqueline Schoonheim, Floor van Tongeren, Christel Vesters, Alex de Vries, Kerstin Winking en Agnes van Wijnen schrijven over de deelnemende kunstenaars en filmmakers.

Editorial Board

Ine Gevers, Stuart Blume, Maaike Bleeker, Amade M’charek, Miriam van Rijsingen, Jacqueline Schoonheim

Design Bram Nijssen, Production NAi Publishers

Difference on Display · Diversity in art, science and society
ISBN 978-90-5662-715-7
€ 35,00
Illustrated (colour)
400 pagina’s
17 x 24 cm

The manifestation Niet Normaal · Difference on Display is financially supported by: Achmea, VSB fonds, ZonMw/VWS, Mondriaan Foundation, Stichting DOEN, SNS REAAL fonds, Turing Foundation, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.


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